Optimize is a New Jersey based, an award winning, a boutique creative web development agency specializing in E-commerce and WordPress website development.

We build websites ranging from complex E-commerce solutions to simple personal websites and everything in between. At Optimize we specialize in giving our clients the most value for their budget.

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SiteLINK™ to Magento migration. New Magento site connected to M.O.M. via BizSync XL™


Working with the team over at Office Oxygen has been a pleasure! After outgrowing their old online shopping platform, we worked together to develop a new state of the art Magento E-Commerce site that allows them to grow and build their business without the fear of out growing their platform or using outdated technology. We worked with the team to integrate their multiple online marketing platforms directly into their site with automatic communication, freeing up time and resources to allow for even more business expansion.

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  • Design
  • User Experience
  • Innovative Marketing
  • Back Office Connectivity

The design of the Office Oxygen site was very important to the team. They had already spent a lot of time and resources developing the branding and materials for their site and they didn’t want to loose all that hard work. Optimize came to the rescue and migrated their existing design into a fully functional Magento template and helped them modify the design and layout to work with all the new functionality of their new platform.


One of the largest reasons for leaving their old online shopping cart was the simple fact that they had out grown it. Office Oxygen was ready for bigger and better things that were just simply not possible where they were. Optimize worked together with the team to help them not only implement the ideas they already had, but also to help develop new ideas and new functionality that they previously didn’t know existed!

Optimize also has a very unique method of development. You and your team have full access to the administrative functionality and features during the development process. This allows you to explore and learn your new system over time rather than being forced into it all at once while also dealing with a new system going live. Optimize will help you learn how to edit the content on your new site as well as update all your product and customer facing information before ever having to worry about moving the site into production. You’ll be a pro by the time the site is ready to launch!

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A Boutique Award Winning Digital Agency


Specializing in WordPress , SiteLINK™ and Magento™ website design, development and integration.

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WordPress, SiteLINK , Magento. Optimize will not only solve your current technology needs, we also help you plan ahead.

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We will help you figure out the most efficient way forward possible. We love technology, especially when it furthers efficiency.

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Working 1 on 1 with our clients allows us to collaborate in the best way possible to achieve our clients desired goals.

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Office Oxygen Home Page
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Office Oxygen / SiteLINK™ to Magento Migration

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NJ Coalition

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If you are interested in working together, send us a note and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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