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The Digital Venture Studio is a platform that allows us to brainstorm and ideate both internally with our team, as well as with like minded entrepreneurs to come up with new and exciting business models that have the potential to make a huge impact in the online marketplace. We also provide technology investments to startups who are looking to build a business online. This allows us to partner with new entrepreneurs and guide them on their journey to success!

Let us take you through the process…

Whether the idea comes from one of our partners, or from our internal team,  we have a set of questions we ask our selves before we take an idea and turn it into an MVP to test on the market. Is this idea in our wheelhouse? Can we automate this venture? Do we have or can we readily find someone with the relevant industry specific knowledge and platform to help us market the venture?

It all starts with an idea...

2 New Venture Partnerships Formed

52 Ideas being reviewed and incubated

Build an MVP!

Once an idea is vetted, and passes our internal validation process, we build an MVP (minimum viable product). In many cases, this is a fully built out prototype of the online venture. We build our MVP’s to be fully operational and ready for market testing. To date, we have built 17 unique MVP’s that are ready to move to market viability testing.

8 Core Markets Identified for Viability Readiness Checks

17 MVPs Grown and Ready for Market Traction Testing

Test for Market Traction

Next we take the MVP’s and test them in their respective marketplaces. With the power of online marketing techniques, it is more cost effective than ever to test your product online. We evaluate the MVP using key performance metrics ranging from cost of client acquisition to market traction and growth potential. If the MVP shows promise, we move on to full public deployment. If the venture doesn’t show traction, we recycle the idea and technology to be used elsewhere in the future.

A/B testing done to determine highest converting messaging

Analytics tools deployed to measure market traction.

Deploy the Winners, Recycle the Rest

Once we determine that a venture is ready for full public deployment, we work with our team of experts to put together a full deployment and growth strategy and roll it out in a phased approach with measurable metrics and milestones along the way. As the venture grows, we allocate more resources to the project in order to keep up with demand and growth. All ventures that did not pass market viability tests are either recycled, or sent back to the drawing board to be re-evaluated.

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