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Optimize Web Development is a digital web agency that had its humble start in 2011 as a small boutique web development company. Founders Ivan Jackson and Christopher Lang started Optimize in order to escape the “Sales First” mentality of their former employer. Neither of the pair believed in this business model and saw the immense benefit of working with their clients on a more personal level in order to help them grow their business, rather than just selling them a service. This core ideal of “People First” helped shaped the future growth and evolution of the company.

Over the years, Jackson and Lang saw the power and potential of web based business and realized that once again, there was a huge opportunity to grow while helping others. With that, in 2017 they launched Optimize Digital Venture Studio. The venture studio is a platform where they can build, test, and grow niche online ventures of their own, as well as partner with select entrepreneurs and startups who share their drive and vision. This is achieved by forming equity partnerships through funding or technology investments, assuring they are dedicated to the future growth and evolution of the venture.

Jackson and Lang continue to grow their platform and vision to this day.

Digital web agencies are transforming.

Our clients expect more than just a nice looking website and a generic web strategy. They can get that anywhere. Business owners want to partner with an agency that shares a genuine passion for the success of their business in both the short and long term. An agency that takes the time to get to know their business model from top to bottom in order to create the best digital platform for their own personal success. Each company is different and has their own special story to tell, and they deserve an agency that wants to work with them to tell that story. It is our mission to revolutionize what a Digital Web Agency should be and we invite you to join us on our journey.


Christopher Lang

Founder / Creative Director

Christopher Lang is an artist through and through. From digital design and web development to photography, writing, and music, he enjoys anything that he can use to create the world around him in his own vision. He takes immense pride in anything he puts his name on.

With a work history in the IT and technical fields, Christopher quickly realized that this was not the life for him, and along with his business partner Ivan Jackson, went on to form Optimize Web Development. Over the years, Optimize took on a life of its own and evolved from a simple website development company, into a full blown Digital Web Agency.

Christopher now works on spreading his vision and sharing the lessons he’s learned over the years with young creative entrepreneurs to help them achieve a level of success in their quest to follow their own dreams.


Ivan Jackson

Founder / CEO

Ivanlee Jackson is a serial entrepreneur. Ivan’s core passion is in ideating and collaborating with like-minded passionate entrepreneurs. Ivan is the driving force behind Optimize Digital Venture Studio and also heads up our joint venture program.

Ivanlee is also a published author, speaker and business mentor. In particular he enjoys teaching other entrepreneurs how to best leverage the unique power and reach that the internet provides.

Ivanlee believes that we are living in the midst of the greatest evolutionary period in human history… The internet age. With information traveling around the world in seconds and being made available to more people in more countries than ever before the opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow and expand into new markets is unprecedented. Ivanlee’s goal is to help people better take advantage of the many opportunities the internet provides. He co-founded Optimize Web Development along with Christopher Lang as a means to accomplish that very goal.


John Patson

Senior Web Developer

John Patson is the Senior Web Developer of Optimize Web Development.  John joined OWD in 2017 and has since developed custom code, installed and configured extensions, and provided user support and training for clients utilizing the Magento ecommerce platform.  In addition, he has also performed a complete restructioning of SiteLINK ecommerce code to accomodate a transition from a minimally responsive design to a fully responsive design.  Prior to joining OWD, John was the senior SiteLINK support technician at Dydacomp/Freestyle, providing not just technical support, but custom coding for client web sites, as well as support for the Multi Channel Order Manager OMS, and in-house client training.

The Woods Group


Project Description:
Full site redesign and custom functionality.



Project Description:
Site design updates and ongoing site support and maintenance

Paramount Pools


Project Description:
Small Business website with custom business tools built into site administration.

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